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Have you considered a joint stag and hen party?

When planning your wedding day there is so much expense involved. With everything that relates to a wedding costing more each year, it is no wonder that couples are looking for alternative ways to save money. One such way is to consider a joint stag and hen party: our beautiful Essex Barn is the perfect… read more

Enjoy Father’s Day at The Chichester Hotel, Essex

June……the month where summer officially starts, but as always we all wish it was a little bit sunnier. It’s the month where Wimbledon delights the public with its tennis alongside lashings of strawberries and cream plus the time when we celebrate everything our fathers have done for us: we delight in that sentiment, here at… read more

Planning A Party in Essex?

  What should you look for in a venue when planning a party in Essex?   So you’re planning a party, something that’s either too big or too formal to hold in your home. Perhaps it’s to celebrate an engagement or milestone birthday or it might be to acknowledge a colleague’s retirement or a special… read more

The Wedding Procession

The traditional wedding procession explained. Here comes the bride and everyone else too……… With the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just around the corner, we are all waiting with baited breath to see Meghan in her wedding dress and all the other beautiful outfits worn by the mother of the bride through… read more

Is it too early to book your Christmas Party in Essex?

I am currently sitting in glorious sunshine in our courtyard garden here at The Chichester Hotel, Wickford, Essex, drinking a cup of coffee and planning Christmas. ‘Are you mad?’ I hear you say, ‘we have only just had Easter!’ Yet here I am talking about that annual get together with work colleagues, school mums and… read more

Christmas Parties worth talking about…

This year’s Christmas party has to be unforgettable and for all the right reasons. Whether you’re planning a work Christmas do with all the trimmings, or just a feel-good festive treat with friends, we’ve got your Christmas night out covered. Our tastefully restored 13th century barn is a space than can accommodate an intimate family Christmas… read more

Dinner, Drink, Disco!!

It is meant to be that time of year, when the sun starts to shine that little bit longer and the birds sing that little bit sweeter and we sit back and wait for the summer to kick start for the BBQ’s and beer gardens – bliss! Instead we are watching the BEAST from the… read more

Dining out at the new Gallery restaurant in The Chichester Hotel

The Chichester Hotel has launched a brand new, exciting menu in our Gallery restaurant with tasty new options to suit every taste bud and budget. Our fantastic head chef, Tom, has put his culinary expertise and passion in to full force, to bring you a new magnificent menu that will have diners devouring delicious dishes.… read more

What is the tradition behind the Sunday lunch?

The origin of the Sunday lunch was that it was a large family gathering in the form of a meal following church on a Sunday and this has long been a tradition in many European and Western countries. Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why the British have leaned towards this warm and hearty… read more

Planning your perfect wedding day at The Chichester Hotel

It’s a romantic time of the year following the annual procession of wedding proposals at Christmas and New Year and of course we have the most romantic day of the year to come, Valentine’s Day. Did your loved one propose in the traditional way, down on one knee and asking your parents’ permission first? Or… read more