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Is it time to spend a girls’ weekend at The Chichester Hotel?

It is the start of 2018 and it is dry January; not one glass of wine has passed your lips, you are staying strong and resolute, however by the end of January you need something to look forward to, right? Well look no further than a girl’s weekend at The Chichester Hotel! The Hotel is… read more

Is it possible to plan your wedding in a short time frame?

The Royal Wedding is in five months’ time, so if Harry and Meghan can organise a full-blown wedding breakfast, surely you can to, but are there any benefits of a last minute wedding? Availability of the venue and the offer of competitive packages; at The Chichester Hotel we offer a number of amazing last minute… read more

Enjoy “Auld Lang Syne” at The Chichester Hotel

In my youth (many, many years ago) the thing I used to look forward to most was getting on my glad rags and going out dancing on a weekend. Now, if I am honest, I prefer to watch X Factor or Strictly Coming Dancing on a Saturday night, but there is one night of the… read more

Home or Away: the benefits of hosting Christmas day lunch at The Chichester Hotel

It is only one day of the year, but the build up to Christmas day starts weeks (if not months) before and the stress levels also build up, therefore what are the benefits of hosting Christmas day lunch at The Chichester Hotel, Essex? You are already stressed with the Christmas gift shopping… what do you… read more

The Only Way is an Essex Hen Party at The Chichester Hotel

Who needs London or Marbella when you’ve got The Chichester Hotel in Essex?  If you want a glitzy hen party, Essex is where it’s at being a top trending location for hen party weekends. If your hen party enjoys comfortable and affordable accommodation, a buzzing night at one of our dinner discos then a hearty… read more

Celebrate your birthday with a party at The Chichester Hotel

The Chichester Hotel is one of the most charming birthday party venues Essex has to offer. Here at the hotel we always like to help clients celebrate the big milestones; traditionally it is an 18th, 21st or a birthday ending in zero, but we don’t mind if it is your 33rd birthday as we always… read more

5 reasons to hold a Winter Wedding at The Chichester Hotel

When planning your special day, two of the biggest questions most frequently asked are, “when should we get married?” and “what venue?” Well I can answer both of these: have a winter wedding at The Chichester Hotel. So what are the influencing factors? It is an original concept. Most couples get married in the summer… read more

Is it important to hold an engagement party?

Firstly, let The Chichester Hotel congratulate you on your engagement, you know you are allowed to take a breath and enjoy the moment! It seems like there is so much to organise, but you can have some fun leading up to the ‘big day’ and this includes the engagement party. Historically, the engagement party was… read more

5 Benefits Of Holding Your Business Meeting Off-Site

What are the benefits of holding an off-site meeting? You are sitting at your office desk, you have unread emails and the phone is ringing constantly, but you know you need to get your regional team together to discuss the quarterly budget and forthcoming sales targets. You could organise a ten minute get together in… read more

Is it too early to book your Christmas party? Not at the Chichester Hotel.

I am currently sitting in the glorious sunshine in the courtyard at The Chichester Hotel, Wickford, drinking (not a glass of wine unfortunately) and I am planning Christmas. “Are you mad?” I hear you say, “It’s only June and we have not had the summer holidays yet.”  I am talking about the annual get together… read more